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Five Stars from NiaOh  I very much enjoyed this book.... It had all the components I look for  in a book. Magic, intrigue, character devlopment, and most of all reader  captivation.  I loved how Desmond painted such a vivid picture of New  Orleans in the 70s that I could feel it with my five senses.  The  spells, incantations, and rituals brought the magic alive.  I was  excited to share the colorful visions the main character has.  It  certainly left me wanting more!  How long must I wait for book 2?

Five Stars from BK: Kudos to Hannah Desmond who did a masterful job of weaving  together the various magical, metaphysical, and cultural components of  this engaging tale set against the backdrop of the unique and enticing  atmosphere of the New Orleans French Quarter and surrounds. Jewel of  Inanna offers the reader an inside view of life in the Vieux Carre as  well as a glimpse of the inner workings of divergent metaphysical and  magical paths, and brings them together in such a way as to create a  sort of magical synergy as the tale of Lilly's quest unfolds.  All in all, it is a tale which is well told and well written. In the  last pages of a final chapter, Pyramids and Portals, the story becomes a  vehicle to deliver to the reader the quintessential message of the age.  Lilly reminds us that the world is in the midst of a paradigm shift,  and that the time has come for mankind to awaken and evolve. We are told  that we must attune ourselves to the frequency of love, and embody that  love through acts of forgiveness and compassion so that together we  can, finally and at last, create a world in which we can live together  in peace and harmony here on Mother Earth. Jewel of Inanna is not only  an entertaining read but one which also carries with it a message of  substance. I'm looking forward to the next book. Hannah Desmond's knowledge of her subject makes this book a great read.  

Five Stars Sean: Hippie Witches deal out Ancient Knowledge 

If you are curious about real life hippie-occultists, then check out this book. Jewel of Inanna tells the story of the  magical elements of life in the French Quarter, specifically the story of Lilly, a young Cajun woman who flees an abusive marriage and finds a coven where she becomes a Pagan Priestess. I particularly liked Desmond's portrayal of early, 1970s New Orleans as a timeless, maternal city that welcomes jaded San Francisco hippies like lost children. Psychedelia is given some important context here, as Desmond paints it as an awakening and continuation of ancient, esoteric knowledge in the form of Magick, Vodou, and pagan ritual. Desmond is clearly knowledgeable with all of these traditions, and shows how they can be used to build compassion, so it's an uplifting read, and likely educational for those hoping to gain insights from someone who obviously has some real life experience in these realms.There's some steamy sex scenes, soft drug use (pot and LSD) and the overall vibe is sort of a Harry Potter/Ancient Aliens/Sgt. Peppers mashup, which is a fresh take on the typical paranormal fiction on offer in multitudes these days. The plot is mainly character-driven,  it's all about Lilly's path to becoming a priestess and guardian of a powerful crystal artifact from Sumeria, but the narrative is packed with colorful action by way of Druids, Quetzalcoatl, spiritual possessions, and Bayou Faeries. This is a solid debut from an author who knows her subject well.