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I  spent most of my life in New Orleans and a portion of my adult life in  the New Orleans French Quarter. I have wonderful memories  of the eccentrics, the insane and the magical beings who became my friends and mentors.  The clubs, the music, the love and the magic of  my days in the French Quarter helped to form the essence of who I am today.  In  the 90's I wrote articles for the Alternative newspaper in New Orleans. In 2010 I wrote The Wedding Journey. I am an  ordained priestess in the Fellowship of Isis and an ordained minister offering handfasting and wedding ceremonies . The Healing Arts have played a large part in my life. I am a Gestalt therapist, a Reiki Master/teacher, hypnotherapist, and retired massage therapist. While writing Jewel of Inanna I drew from my years in the French  Quarter, my metaphysical studies, knowledge of the healing arts, and ritual practices to create a cast  of characters who are powerful as well as vulnerable. There are those  who are lovable and those who follow the darkness of the left hand path,  those who covet power and those who have it thrust upon them.   I  enjoyed writing this book and hope you will come to love the characters  as much as I do.


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Tom Johanson, collaborator

Jewel  of Inanna was written in collaboration with Tom Johanson, my partner of  many years. Tom is an accomplished musician, a retired "rock star," a  brilliant metaphysician, ritual master, and collage artist. The song  lyrics throughout the book are from Tom's original songs. He provided  valuable insight and ideas for the many rituals and magical events  throughout the book.