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An award winning Occult Novel Filled with Ancient Knowledge

Jewel of Inanna is the 1st Place winner of the Dragon Fly Book Award for 2017


This Occult novel draws you into the supernatural world of  the New Orleans French Quarter. Here you will discover ancient knowledge, magical insights, the power of an ancient Sumerian crystal, and rituals that are relevant to our lives today. 

From the New Orleans French Quarter to  the center of the Dark Bayou, to the attic chamber of a power hungry  sorceress, you are swept into a cauldron of  rituals, visions, love, sex, and rock  n' roll where true magic is celebrated.

Jewel of Inanna was written in collaboration with Tom Johanson, my partner of many years. Tom is an accomplished musician, a retired "rock star," a brilliant metaphysician, ritual master, and collage artist. The song lyrics throughout the book are from Tom's original songs. He provided valuable insight and ideas for the many rituals and magical events throughout the book.


What Readers are saying

Five Starts by Nia: Oh  I very much enjoyed this book.... It had all the components I look for  in a book. Magic, intrigue, character devlopment, and most of all reader  captivation.  I loved how Desmond painted such a vivid picture of New  Orleans in the 70s that I could feel it with my five senses.  The  spells, incantations, and rituals brought the magic alive.  I was  excited to share the colorful visions the main character has.  It  certainly left me wanting more!  How long must I wait for book 2?

Five Stars: By  Elizabeth Yaruss
I fell in love with Lilly in the first two chapters and loved her adventure and fun romp through the magical French Quarter. Can't wait for Book 2
Five stars By CAT
The excitement builds and makes me wish the next 2 books were already written.
​Five Stars
ByNorman P. McElvyon
I loved this book! The story flowed beautifully as the magic unfolded and many messages shared! Looking forward to Hannah's next book!IW